Like any custom piece of work we want your belt to fit you the best that it can; Whether you are purchasing our Standard, Deluxe, or Premium package belt. We want it to feel and fit like it's an extension of your body. 

          When measuring for one of our belts we recommend that you acquire a cloth tape measure and measure your waist right above the hip bones. Wrap the tape around your waist pulling your measurement snuggly. If you do not have means of obtaining a cloth tape then use your pant size as a best guess. Then use the sizing guide to determine your size. Select the size that lands in the middle of the two measurements of that size as you want room to loosen and tighten your belt. NEVER hesitate to email us when sizing for your belt as it is a crucial piece of having the right fit and being pleased with your order. We will respond within 24 hours for any questions you have.

          When checking out please record the size you recorded in the notes section so we can double check your order to ensure you selected the correct size.

  • X Small - 20" - 27"
  • Small - 27" - 33"
  • Medium - 29" - 36"
  • Large - 31" - 38"
  • X Large - 39" - 47"